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Your Music Sucks. Make It Anyway

     I ran into an old musician friend and he said, “What’s up, man?   You still making that weird ass music?”   I paused and said, “You know…that really hurts my feelings.”   We both stared at each other for a moment and then went into a fit of laughter.   I’ve been making “weird music” since I was in grade school.   I create whatever I feel like now musically for the same reason I did as a kid; it makes me feel better.   Better than what, you ask?   Sad, bored, depressed, anxiety, blah blah blah.   Some people smoke a joint, but I just write weird music.   If only 20 people worldwide like my music that’s fine.   I’m not signed to a deal at the moment and don’t have a record company stressing me to make “something more palatable for the masses”.   In the beginning, I just played my original experimental music for myself and maybe I would torture the odd girlfriend and my ex wife.   My ex wife would say, “Why do you keep making that horrible music?   Why don’t you write some music th

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