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Many moons ago, I was hanging out in St. Louis, MO with a bunch of musician friends that I’ve known since I was a teenager.We were all sitting around talking about various music projects that we were all working on, when my friend, Dave, says to the group, “Hey, I have this new cover band project that I’m putting together, but I’m having trouble coming up with a name for the project”.Long story shortened, one man’s joke is another man’s band name.I said to Dave, “You should just name the band Dave & Them”.We all laughed, but at the end of the night, Dave decided to turn my joke into the name of his cover band project.Dave & Them’s gag is that you can go to a show and pretty much request any song and they will digitally dig up the tune and site read it to the best of their ability.Of course, the band has core tunes from an insanely huge catalogue of music that they play as to not have a bumpy night in its entirety, but the audience gets to have fun challenging the band to do aD…

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