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How To Create A Strong Music Set with Your Live Band or DJ Gig

Many moons ago, I was sitting in a bar, alone, in my hometown of St. Louis, MO when a stranger walked up to me and asked, “Are you Leon from the band T. H.U.G.S?”After I confirmed his suspicions, he proceeded to flatter me and identified himself as a fellow musician before asking, “How did you guys have such strong sets?”The answer is so simple that I figured most other bands knew it.I answered, “We didn’t pick the sets.The audience did”.

Writing tunes in an original band is constant trial and error.The trick to strengthening your performance set is to not get married to the tunes you write.Maybe you were in love with a girl named Shauna and you spent an insane amount of time writing a song about her.If you play Shauna’s song live and the crowd gives a lackluster response: Shauna’s song goes on the scrap heap.This process continues until you have nothing but crowd bangers for a strong 45 minutes to an hour set.Is it painful?Yes, it is.Does it make for awkward early gigs?It does, absolu…

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