Scratch Live 2.0 update

Scratch Live 2.0

Someone asked me what I thought of the Scratch Live 2.0 update recently and I really have no comment accept, “What happened to the ‘overview’ button?” Which really just means I haven’t spent that much time with the upgrade yet. The only things that have caused a rise in my trousers so far have been the new built in FX and the Smart Crate features. Sweet. I will say this though, between free software upgrades and the White Label site, Serato has won me over.

Doing DJ gigs in New York in an assortment of tight places using Scratch Live has turned me into something that I thought I would never become: a laptop DJ. I know that SL gained it’s popularity by being the best software for using various controllers, but the software itself is powerhouse enough to where you can do some pretty decent mixing just from your laptop.

Me going through the updates in the SL software makes for a boring read, so you can just look at their video below.

DJ Leon Lamont’s music video pick of the week.


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