Do You Get Tired (of Hating Me)

For the longest time now I have been wanting to do a video album project. Instead of throwing a bunch of songs together and then picking one for a video, I decided to create these tracks and videos as a complete piece. At the end of it all I would like to release the video album under the artist name LID. The completed works will be titled "Life Was Wonderful..."

I decided to fearlessly release the pieces one by one online and compile them later. The first one is the video below titled "Do You Get Tired (of Hating Me)". Originally I had planned on doing a scratch vocal track and having one of my friends redo the vocals, but as I imagined the concept of the video while finishing the track, the scratch seemed to fit.

The concept was of a guy singing through the answering machine of his ex. Somehow I thought that a puppet singing from a room in a hospital added some dark humor to the track and I wanted this comic-like whining tone to his voice as if he was going to cry any moment. I wanted to have fun with the track and video and not take it too seriously as that is the tone I want to take with the completed works.

I thought the piece was funny when I was doing it, but everyone has a different sense of humor. Enjoy.

Do You Get Tired (of Hating Me) from Leon Lamont on Vimeo.


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