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Friday the 13th, The blog.

Some people believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day...I'm not one of those people. Usually, my Friday the 13ths turn out pretty good. I would even go as far as to say that my Friday the 13ths are down right lucky.

When a black cat crosses my path I know that he or she got a bad rap just because they happen to be black. It's the American way. So I don't subscribe to that nonsense about black cats causing bad luck. More power to the black kitties! I'm with you brothers and sisters...I'm with you.

With Friday the 13th, if I break the number down (1+3=4) it comes down to 4 and that happens to be a lucky number for me.

Having Friday the 13th be a lucky day for you is a mindset. Sure, some people will have a classic bad day, but that is because they have fallen for the negative ad campaign for the date. I hope that everyone has a very good Friday the 13th today, and an extra special birthday wish to anyone born on this day. Don't let those bastards ruin your birthday.

Now excuse me while I dodge this piano falling from the sky.



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