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Dear New Artists: Don’t Pay Promoters Unless They Actually Promote You!

A friend contacted me recently about doing a gig with his new band and asked me if it was normal for a promoter to require you to bring a certain amount of people to a gig to get paid.A promoter’s job is to get people into the venue.If the promoter is asking YOU to get people into the venue then essentially the person is asking you to do their job for them.This person is not a promoter but a con artist.If you are getting all of the people in the venue, then what are you paying the promoter for?So the answer to the question is “NO”.A person that books you a gig and then puts the pressure on you to get people there is called a booking agent, not a promoter.A promoter hits the bricks and gets people through the door…that is what you pay them a percentage for.Promoters make flyers, send e-mails, and you know…promote!These days it’s harder than ever for new bands to break into a music scene.A lot of sketchy people capitalize on this.There are some venues that will book a bunch of bands and…