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Birds, Backwash & Black Rockers

I took this picture of this dead bird a few years ago, in St. Louis, MO.I was walking down the street and came upon this bird in my path.I thought it was amazing how the bird’s colors matched the gravel in the sidewalk.My first thought was, “What happened to him?Did he have a heart attack?”Then I wondered if it was actually a she instead of a he.Then I wondered if it was poisoned.Then I wondered if it just died of old age.Then I wondered what the life expectancy of a bird was.I had all of these questions that couldn’t possibly be answered. For a brief moment I had sympathy for the taxidermist.I understood the desire to try to preserve the beauty of something dead that was once alive.In this case, a photograph would suffice, as I am not in the habit of walking down the street collecting dead animals by the roadside.I remember my girlfriend at the time thinking that this was a grim picture.She didn’t at all see the picture the way I saw it.I tried to excitedly explain to her the matchin…