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Puppet & Lovers

Last week, April 23, 2010, I played drums with the band Puppet. Puppet is an experimental jazz solo project by saxophonist/keyboard player Micah Gaugh. I met Micah in the late 90’s in NYC while we were both hired guns on the downtown NYC experimental jazz scene. Micah also plays keyboards in the band Apollo Heights that I play drums for.

With the rapid gentrification of New York, experimental music is a hard sell these days. What was once an experimental music haven in NYC is now a vapid playground for Hipster kids with out of state origins. To find a spot where you can play some stimulating experimental jazz music (the Williamsburg Music Center) was a treat.
In the band was Micah Gaugh on vox and saxophone, Andre Lassalle on guitar, Leon Gruenbaum on Keyboards and myself on drums. Below is a small clip of me playing at the gig. I just put a small camera in a corner so you can only see the Leon’s, which are Leon Gruenbaum and I.

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