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K8:The Gift of Nonlinear Thinking

Quite recently I was presented with the idea of nonlinear thinking by reading an article on the subject. Loving most things experimental, I was immediately open to the idea. By thinking in a linear fashion, sometimes ideas and opportunities escape us. Many times we can get so caught up in the past or the future that we miss amazing things going on in the present.

I was able to put this new way of thinking to the test recently after meeting someone.

A friend introduced me to an amazing young woman. The young woman was presented to me and constantly identified by time by her friend. First she was identified by her friend by her past(people she dated that I knew) and then by her future(the fact that she was leaving town soon for several months). All of these things seemed as if they were presented to me as deterrents. Had I been thinking in my usual linear fashion, they would have been deterrents. Instead of thinking about the fact that she was leaving soon, I thought about the fac…