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An Amazing Story

One day, I was on the phone with a musician friend and we were bouncing around ideas and talking about musicians that we knew. I enquired about a musician that I had not seen in several years and my friend told me the most amazing story about this guy.

We’ll call the guy Guitarist and call the girl Waitress.

It turned out that Guitarist found religion and then immediately afterwards fell on hard times and was homeless living in an alley behind a restaurant. Even though he was homeless, he never pawned his guitar and kept it with him and often played it while he was in the alley.

Every day at a certain time, Waitress would come out of the restaurant and see Guitarist sitting in the alley and feel sorry for him and give him food. He never begged, she just did it out of the kindness of her heart and he always thanked her.

One day, Waitress came out to give Guitarist some food in the middle of him playing his guitar. He had his head down and didn’t notice her because he was playing.…

Meeting Vernon Reid

When I’m in my hometown of St. Louis, MO, a question that I am asked a lot is, “How did a guy like you from Missouri end up meeting Vernon Reid?” The simple (and often unsatisfactory) answer is “by playing music”. People always frown at that answer so I decided to do a blog about it. Wanna read it? Here it go…

Technically, the first person to ever introduce me to Vernon Reid was Henry Rollins, back in 1994. Rollins and I were sitting in the dressing room at Irving Plaza talking after I had asked him to autograph one of his books for a friend. It was in the middle of the day, during sound check. I had met Rollins a few times before in St. Louis while he was on tour through Melvin Gibbs, whom was the Rollins Band bass player at the time. The reason I was in New York was because I was there for the mix-down of the recording I did with my all black rock band called T.H.U.G.S. (later we would change the name to Treacherous Human Underdogs because of a dispute with our European distr…

Fall/Winter 2010 Projects

2010 marks the second year that I will be working with Vernon Reid on his ongoing Artificial Afrika project. Once again, I will be editing film, doing sound design and Vernon and I plan on collaborating on making some tracks. For the live performance this year I will be playing live drums instead of just being a DJ. Vernon and I also have another project planned for Halloween, but I can't talk about that one yet.

This season I will also be working on a project with Angela Workman. Angela is a talented singer that sang back up behind the legendary late great Ray Charles as well as working with such artists as Ben E. King, B.B. King, Eminem; Prince; George Clinton; Stevie Wonder; Kelly Clarkson; and Patti LaBelle. I will be playing drums on Angela's new solo project and collaborating on tracks.

Later in the fall, I will be playing live drums with the experimental group fronted by Leon Gruenbaum called Genes and Machines. The group combines ambient, rock and funk music for an …