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Androids, Skype and QR Code

When I was a kid and fantasized about purchasing my first android, a small, mobile phone packed with a bunch of open source applications wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  The name of the product doesn't make sense in the least bit because what you actually purchased is an android brain and not and actual android; which is defined as a "human-looking robot".

When my phone carrier asked me how I liked my new Android phone recently while I was paying a bill, my response was lackluster, "Eh, it's OK".  My only warning to anyone that is considering purchasing an Android phone is: be careful with the free apps you download because they can screw up your phone big time.  Read the app reviews like your phone's life depends on it...because it does.  Yeah, when I fantasized as a kid about an android I was thinking more along the lines of Blade Runner.  I was thinking maybe a little something in the Sean Young model series.

The only thing even close to my Bla…