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Kim Kardashian, Touch-Free iPads and the Holiday Season

Not long ago, I was talking to a friend and he was jabbering on, "Blah, blah, blah Kim Kardashian".
Me - "Who?"
Him - "You know...Kim Kardashian!"
Me - "Did she go to school with us?"
Him -"No, fool!  You know...form TV?"
Me - " exactly.  Oh, wait...TV?  Cardassians...aren't they the aliens on Star Trek?"
Him -"No, super-nerd.  That's not even spelled the same.  You know...reality TV?  Sex tape?"
Me - "I don't...wait.  Back up.  Did you say sex tape?  What does she do?  I mean...why should I care that she has a sex tape?"
Him - "She doen't DO anything.  She's just rich and hot and makes sex tapes and dates a lot of famous dudes."
Me -"...and she's famous for that?"
Him - "How do you call yourself in the entertainment industry and you don't know celebrities?  Her dad like defended O.J. or something like that."
Me - "Did you say 'defended&…