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Post Valentines Day Blog

Contrary to popular belief, Valentines Day is one of my least favorite holidays.  Actually...I"m not a big holiday person at all.  Nothing exposes the weakness of the alleged bond that you have between family, friends and loved ones like the holidays.  But enough about that...

Valentines 2009

I sit at home alone and watch TV.  At the last minute, a gay bar in St. Louis (The Complex) calls me to do a DJ gig.  I spin music until the wee hours of the morning and then retire to my comfy bed alone, happy to have made money rather than spend it on V-day.  What can be better than a date with your fist love (music) on V-day?  Short of finding a bag full of money...nothing can.

Valentines Day 2010

I play drums with Apollo Heights at Lit Lounge in Manhattan, New York.  The crowd was a little light, but so was the band.  It was just I playing drums with the infamous Chavis twins on guitar and vocals.  No V-day dinner or candy...just music.  With just the three of us (and a backing track)...we sounded amazing.

Valentines Day, 2011

I play drums for not one, but two bands in the same night at Arlene's Grocery in Manhattan, New York. The first act is the band Genes and Machines and I am dressed in Fetish gear consisting of leather, spikes and PVC pants as I (along with the rest of the band) boggle the minds of listeners while we play electronic experimental music.  The second act is Alexcalibur, a rock band consisting of a six-foot plus lead vocalist/ performance artist dancing around in his underwear with a hypnotic spiral attached to his groin area as he sings sweet nothings to the crowd.  See videos below.

If nobody loves's OK because I love myself and I love my life.  I hope that most of you can say the same.


  1. On the contrary, Sweet Boy ... EVERYONE loves you! Why do you think these chicks always flip their lids when you leave them in the dust?! LOL! Miss you, Pal. I, too, am not a 'holiday person' ... I think people who obsess about holidays, are trying to shore-up deficits in how they treat people on all the OTHER days! If you're doing things correctly, well - you don't 'need' holidays to make some grand gesture, do you? Talk soon ... Laura.


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