RIP, Jani Lane:Cherry Pie - Black Eye Guy

I was sad to get the news about Jani Lane of the band Warrant dying at the ripe age of 47.  I first met Jani Lane in the early 90's in my hometown of St. Louis, MO.  He would visit St. Louis often and I would run into him at a downtown bar called Kennedy's.  Every time I ran into Lane he had a black eye.

Me -"Lane, dude...what's your deal?  Every time I see have a black eye."

Lane - "Yeah, every time I get drunk I start fights that I can't finish.  Somehow, once I'm drunk... I seem to forget that I can't fight."

Me - "Yeah, if you're going to be getting plastered in St. Louis with a hit song called Cherry Pie... you might want to learn how to fight."

Lane laughed and said, "You're probably right."

Me -"What are you doing in St. Louis so much anyway?"

Lane -"Oh, I have friends and relatives here."

Everyone else teased Lane by calling him the Cherry Pie Guy, but to me he was the Black Eye Guy.
As tickled as I was by his lack of fighting skills, he was tickled by the fact that a black guy with a mohawk even knew his name, yet alone heard of  the band Warrant.

Lane - "Most people don't even recognize me when I come here, but you spot me every time."

Me - "Yeah, most black guys in St. Louis only know one Warrant...and it ain't no band neither."

Lane was not without a sense of humor and not too shy about saying how he actually hated the song Cherry Pie.  He had good energy and jokes, so for that I say RIP Jani Lane and I hope you sort out that whole drinking and fighting business in the next dimension.



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