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About: Sleep Agent

Sleep Agent is an ambient experimental work on iTunes and other digital sites.  In most cases an artist would be upset if you told the person that you listened to their latest release and it made you fall asleep.  Thus is not the case with this work.  It's purpose is to assist people in falling asleep.  If you listen to it and begin to doze off I will feel quite accomplished in my efforts.

Sleep Agent was originally created just for myself.  A side effect of traveling often between my hometown of St. Louis, MO and New York City is having problems falling sleeping.  I seem to have become more accustomed to the constant backdrop of noise in Manhattan more than the dead quiet of the midwestern suburbs.  While in St. Louis, I decided to compose three tracks, approximately 10 minutes each in length for the sole purpose of helping me get to sleep at night.  I would play the tracks back to back in repeat mode in iTunes and eventually fall asleep.

The Sleep Agent tracks have become multipu…