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Moms, Drums, Auditions and Thick Skin


I received my first drum set on my ninth birthday.  It was a present from my mother.  Being the most expensive present I had ever received at that point, the drums came with a threat: If I didn't practice every day...the drums would be sold.  The threat wasn't a serious concern for me because I had been begging for a set of drums since I was five years old.  My mother would later come to regret making such a threat as it resulted in nine straight years of constant loud drumming in our suburban household.

The above story came to mind because I recently acquired a set of drums by a mother following through on her threat to sell the drums if her son didn't practice.  In her ad, the mother stated that the kit was hardly used because her son had simply lost interest.  As a result of free online ads and a young boy's desire to switch form drums to brass, the mother regained some of her investment and I received a great deal on a practice kit.


Last week, …