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The Endless Triple Stroke Fill


Help Me Destroy His World

Help Me Destroy His World by Leon Lamont

How can you say no to a girl that asks, "Help me destroy his world"?
Every fantasy you've had about me will come true if this one thing you will do
Help me destroy his world
Let's start with his money because he will hardly think it funny
It's the root of his happiness I know so the money has to be the first thing to go
Next will be his toys we'll smash them one by one Not because we need to but because it will be fun
Let's sully his good name amongst his friends and his bitches Let's say he has VD and on the street he snitches
Let's send him a video of you and I making love doing things that I told him I never even dream of
I know how you feel about me and "yes" I'll be your girl but first you have to
Help me destroy his world
the end.