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Patrice Rushen Reminds Me...What Skin Is In?

While sorting through and updating music crates (both real and virtual), I came across my favorite track by Patrice Rushen titled "Remind Me".  Listening to the track instantly took my mind back to the post-pubescent, statutory Leon years.  I remember my boyhood fantasies of marrying Patrice Rushen while I would sit and listen to her records on vinyl.  This fantasy would lead to me chasing a girl that looked a lot like Patrice Rushen as she appeared on the album cover of Straight From the Heart.  I can't remember the girl's name and the only reason I remember her at all is because of her unique (at the time) rejection.  As I desperately threw out more game than Xbox 360, the girl broke it down in a quick and simple way.  I was the polar opposite of her type.  She liked tall, chocolate, athletic boys.  I was short, light-skinned and a band geek that neither liked or played sports.  I joked with her, "So...if I were taller and played basketball would you date me?&…