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Numark DJ 2 Go & Serato Video SL

A DJ controller for under a $100.00 USD is practically unheard of, so when I saw the Numark DJ 2 Go controller I was skeptical to say the least.  My first question to the people behind the sales desk was, “Does it work with Serato?”  A sea of question marks crowded the air above their heads followed by a shameful “we don’t know”. 
Well, I’m here to bring the good news.  Yes, it works with Serato…mostly.  The controller comes with a stripped down version of the software Virtual DJ.  With the included software, the controller is mapped perfectly and lights up like Christmas.  When you map the controller to Serato, the button lights don’t work at all and it takes a bit of careful planning to map buttons outside of the basic “play”, “cue” and “pitch sliders”.

What stopped me from taking the DJ 2 Go back to the store is the fact that I use Serato Video SL.  If you use Video SL this thing is great for the simple fact that you can map the video cross fader, load deck A & B, scroll, pitch …