3 Ways to Save Money on Gas

For some strange reason, most people think that DJs don’t have to think about the same work related expenses that everyone else has…like gas.  Even though I find the rumors of me making it to gigs on a flying unicorn fueled by hopes dreams humorous, these rumors are totally untrue.  


My first choice for saving money on gas is walking.  I don’t mean walking to the gigs, but walking to places that are near to your home.  Do you really have to make it to the shop three blocks away that fast?  You’re saving gas and improving your health both mentally and psychically by walking.


My favorite alternative to burning gas is my bicycle.  Many of us forget how fun it is to ride a bike around the neighborhood.  I can think of a dozen places off the top of my head that are too far to walk, but yet too close to waste gas driving to, this is the perfect situation for a bicycle.  If you don’t have a bicycle, even purchasing the cheapest bicycle will be worth its weight in gold when it comes to saving money on gas going to close locations.


Last but not least, is the suggestion that most people will take to heart opposed to walking and riding a bike.  One of my favorite new apps is GasBuddy.  GasBuddy is an app available for iPhone, Blackberry, & Android that tells you what stations have the cheapest gas near your zip code.  Sometimes you’re just saving pennies, but hey, pennies add up.  There is also a website (http://gasbuddy.com/) for non-smart-phone users interested in finding the best deal in their area.  As a login user you can contribute data about a gas station near you that is not in the system.  You don’t have to register to find the cheapest gas prices…it’s optional.    


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