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To VJ or Not to VJ

Often DJs will ask me about the ins and outs of spinning videos at their gigs.  What software to use, which controller, and where to get videos are just a few of the questions that are asked.  There is one important question a DJ should ask before delving into video though; is it worth the extra effort?  For some people it is, but for a majority in certain locations it isn’t.
My experience has been that being a VJ is more lucrative on either the East coast or West coast…in the Midwest, not so much.  Changing your format from audio to audio/video is an expensive transition to make.  A DJ’s expenses for tracks doubles (at least) when they decide to download the video instead of the audio.  There is also the increase in download time to consider when switching to video, which means more time spent building virtual crates.  While some software companies do a good job of providing free audio tracks to spin if you use their software, they totally neglect to provide video material for the vid…