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A Tree Called Happiness


The Nerves of a Commercial DJ

Recently, a friend came to one of my commercial DJ gigs and asked how I could stand playing Pop music all night for drunken, belligerent patrons.  The quick answer, “It’s a gig”.  My friend had no qualms about expressing his opinion that he considered me to be a bit of an art snob because of my grant funded experimental projects done in both Missouri and New York.  Normally I would argue with him and try to defend myself, but recently I have accepted that one of my imperfections is that I can come off snobby to some people.  You can be a snob, you can be a working DJ, but you can’t be both. 
At the end of the day, I have to come to terms with reality.  The “Pop” in pop music is short for popular.  Experimental music is not a popular genre or feeling amongst the masses.  The numbers tell us that my Pop music loving audience isn’t the strange one…I’m the strange one.  Just like grade school.  Just like high school.  Just like life has been as long as I’ve been cognitive.  Experimental m…