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Leon Lamont’s Top 20 iPhone 4 Apps for DJs, Musicians & Slackers

1. Shazam.  Price = Free.  Actually there is a free version and a paid version.  We’ve all been at the laundry, a store, a friend's house, watching a movie and heard a song we liked but couldn’t identify.  Just hold up Shazam and let the tagging begin.   Not so great for discovering underground music, but it can identify most things played on the radio.

Djay.  Price= $0.99.  Can you really DJ a gig with this software?  I don’t know, but I plan on finding out.  I practice with this software on my iPhone 4, but have yet to use it at a gig.  There are two very important things to know before you try to rock a house party with this app: a) you need the Y cable splitter made by Griffin (one signal for your headphone and one for the house).  You can buy it here b) you have to turn your iPhone on “Airplane” mode to stop calls from coming in and interrupting your DJ set.  With the addition of the Y cable, you have a complete DJ setup…