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Artists and Dating

People seek out all kinds of advice in various places on how to become professional artists.  A few lucky people will actually have a chance to sit down with a professional musician or artist and pick their brain for advice.  Of all of the different subjects asked about, people seldom inquire about how personal relationships affect professional artists pursuits.  Many people live out their entire lives oblivious to the fact that the true roadblock to their success is sleeping right next to them every night.  

Is Your Partner Cheering or Jeering?
Many people imagine successful artists to be superhuman beings with nerves of steel.  The general populace doesn’t visualize the people they deem successful as having insecurities about their creative work.  The fact remains that even the most successful creators have moments of self-doubt and wavering confidence in their work.  A lot of times the difference between an artist producing content or curling up into a ball and crying like a baby dep…