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Project Logic — LIVE @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

The bottom link is to a bootleg live recording of DJ Logic’s Project Logic performing live in Providence, RI opening for Medeski, Martin & Wood in 1999. 
I was sitting in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY, (fresh off the Staten Island Ferry returning from a recording session with Vernon Reid) when drummer, Scooter Warner called and asked me to finish the MMW/Project Logic tour.Scooter started the tour but had to leave quite suddenly.Rope-a-dope records flew me out unrehearsed straight into the next gig.
Normally, flying into the middle of a tour unrehearsed would be a nightmare, but I knew most of the material from recording some of the drums on DJ Logics debut album and the rest of the set was improvised.Hope you enjoy.
Leon Lamont 

Project Logic - LIVE @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

The Hopes and Threats of the 3D Printer

If you mention a 3D printer to the average person, they will probably imagine that you are talking about a comic book of sorts with a bunch of red and blue offset lines that come with a pair of glasses.  They wouldn’t be totally wrong, but the thing we are talking about now is a controversial printer that can produce three-dimensional objects.  It would be like having a tiny manufacturing plant inside your home.  If you needed a wing nut, you could simple go to your computer and print one out.  Sounds cool, sounds sci-fi, so how could the 3D printer be threatening?

In one word: guns.  A 3D printer takes the threat of terrorism to whole new levels.  Imagine if you will, your humble narrator booking a flight from St. Louis, MO to Brooklyn, NY.  Before catching his plane, he sends design plans for parts of a Glock 19 to a 3D printer in Brooklyn.  A person could be armed anywhere in the world without the hassle of being detected during travel.   3D printers and the possibility of the ave…

Does Today’s Pop Music Suck More Than Yesterday’s Pop Music?

Recently, a friend called to let me know that he was selling all of his DJ equipment.  I joked, “Let me guess, new girlfriend?”  My friend laughed, called me an asshole, and then confessed to having a new girlfriend but insisted that she had nothing to do with why he was selling his gear.  “I can’t do it anymore, Leon.  The music on the Pop charts now is terrible.  How do you stand it?” I made it clear to him that I understood his feelings.Then he asked, “Do you think that the music is really that bad or we’re just getting old.I mean, our parents didn’t like our music and their parents didn’t like theirs.”
The big myth is that musical tastes divide because of generation gaps.Nothing can be further from the truth.People that love music keep their ears open until the day they die.Good music is good music.Time is irrelevant.A good Motown track moves a room full of people from ages 14 to 74.Why? People of all ages dance to Motown because a good song is timeless.To answer my friend’s ques…