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There Is No Such Thing As A One-Man-Show

One of the targeted misses of my 2012 “to do” list was to finish a one-man-show.  The problem with putting together a one-man-show is that you need more than one man…and quite a few women to boot.  After my live stage acting debut in New York in February of this year, I was inspired to write my own show.  For the first time in a while…I had writer’s block and/or a tangle of ideas jumbling up in my brain.  “Frustration” was the active word.  Doing a live stage show is just like doing a movie…it all has to start with the script.  Without my finished script I had nothing to pitch to producers, directors, stage managers, sound engineers, lighting engineers, venues, A/V people…in short…my possible future staff for the live production of my metamorphic script with an equally metamorphic title.  In addition to this stress was finding an attorney and avenues for grant funds.  Overwhelmed, I put my dreams of doing a one-man-show on the backburner. 
I’m telling this story because recently a f…

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