House Music

These days, I’m spinning the genre of House music.  For years, I was an open format DJ because I love so many different types of music.  The problem with being open format is that doing so slowly but surely drags you into doing Top 40/Pop sets for money.  At this point, if I do one more Top 40/Pop set I might go into a diabetic coma from all of the regurgitated sugar pounded into my ears. 

Playing House music isn’t a new venture for me.  I played strictly House for quite some time years ago…before that it was Drum & Bass.  That’s the beauty of being an artist…you can change things up anytime you want.  Styles aren’t written in stone.  You have to go where your heart is telling your head to go style-wise and you have to recognize being burned out to maintain your happiness and sanity. 

As a DJ, the most growth I’ve ever experienced creatively and financially has been as a House DJ. I could take this post to a negative place and talk about some other genres that I stuck to for a while, but like they say in the South of the USA, “If you can’t say anything nice…don’t say anything at all”.  See you on the dance floor. 


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