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At midnight, April 11, 2013, I turned 44 years old.I started my birthday by reading a paperback copy of Arthur C. Clarke’s book, 2001: A Space Odyssey by candlelight due to a blackout via storm.Hours before the stroke of midnight, I had literally driven through a tornado to the bookstore with girlfriend in tow to get it.Yes, it was stupid.Yes, it was crazy, but it made a simple, boring task adventurous and dangerous.
Most people would consider a birthday where you wake up to no power and bunch of food that has spoiled overnight to be the start of a horrible birthday.I’ve had worse birthdays than this and my surroundings remind me of how lucky I actually am.Last night, during a storm, many people had their roofs torn off of their houses, their cars and homes smashed and all kinds of other horrors in addition to the black out of the whole suburban neighborhood.I’m amazed that I always manage to forget how horrible the weather is in Missouri during the spring.
For some people, the 40’s ag…