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Stop Beating Yourself Up and Start Building Yourself Up

I’m sure a first response to the title of this blog would be, “easier said than done”.Is it?A friend confessing to losing his confidence as an artist and considering throwing in the towel inspired this blog.I avoided the whole “you can do it” pep talk with my friend because the truth of the matter is that maybe he can’t do it and he knows it and I don’t.I know he has the talent, but talent is never enough.
Do you know what made David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust brilliant?David Bowie knew when to say “when”.Ziggy Stardust was a great gag that ran it’s course and then David Bowie packed it in and evolved into something else as an artist.This is something that a few of my artist friends don’t grasp as an idea.Some artists will get attached to an idea, concept or style that doesn’t work and then sit around scratching their heads as to why they are not progressing with their efforts.I’m not saying that everyone should abandon every idea that doesn’t show commercial promise at the drop of a dime,…