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From Under the Bus

A friend recently called angry and complaining about the lack of loyalty of a DJ friend.  I listened patiently as I chuckled to myself at how similar my friend’s story sounded to many stories of my own.  Me saying, “That’s just how it is sometimes” seemed to send him into a bit of a rage.

I know, your friend’s job as a DJ is in jeopardy and you go to bat for him, risking your own gig in the process.  You get your friend to keep his job and at the first opportunity he throws you under the bus for a couple of extra bucks.  No loyalty. 

This has happened to me recently, has happened to me in the past and will happen to me in the future.  What we tend to forget is that a DJ is a person…which is the root word of “personality”.  With that personality comes drug problems, relationship problems, mental problems, intelligence (or lack thereof), insecurities and a slew of other things that defined that person before they became a DJ.  Now they are just a DJ with the aforementioned problems.  A g…