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Self-Empowerment Through Journal Writing

Some people might think that the title of this blog entry has nothing to do with being a DJ.On the contrary, it has everything to do with whatever it is you want to do or sort out in your life.Some people run around in circles and can’t figure out why they keep ending up in the same places with the same people, miles away from their goals. Journal writing seems like an overly simplistic solution to many of life’s problems, but it works…to an extent.
The human memory isn’t half as reliable as most people think it is.How a person remembers something and how it actually happened is surprisingly different.Keeping a journal can help you do many things from finding out if your spouse is cheating to figuring out why and how you are spending too much money.
It’s easy to forget things when you have a busy life filled with work, spouse, kids, friends, family, unexpected deaths and illnesses, accidents, and an assortment of other things.With all of that going on who has time to write?You should mak…