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My First Band & Firing Band Members

I started my first band when I was ten years old.These days, I am glad to have grown up in the golden age of witnessing.If you weren’t there then you didn’t witness it. My generation was spared the humiliation of having every pitfall and misstep recorded on some kid’s cheap little videophone and posted online for the world to see.

At the age of ten, you don’t really know what you are doing when you form a band.It was more of a social club in the beginning with a drummer (myself), bass player, two bongo players and a clarinet player.I don’t know what sound we’d hope to get, but in theory it’s practically impossible to get a palatable sound out of a bunch of ten-year-olds playing original tunes with that line-up.
Most people I went to grade school with remember my first gig with my first band at a school talent show the way I do: as being terrible.My first band gave me my first unpleasant band experience…firing band members.Not surprisingly, the first member to get the axe was the clarine…