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Learn A Second Instrument

It’s pretty common for band geeks like myself to play more than one instrument.There’s always your main instrument that you love and then a second instrument that you just play for whatever reason.When I was in grade school and high school, it was uncommon for a band geek to not play at least two instruments (some of us even played three and four different instruments throughout the school year).
Most young people in school band programs end up playing two instruments for the same reason I did; shortage of musicians in the band.In Junior High School, our orchestra was short an upright string bass player.I was already a violin player (my second instrument to drumming), but not very good at it, so it didn’t take much arm-twisting for me to switch instruments.I put in extra time and hard work switching from treble clef to bass clef and learning technique.
The Benefits of Learning a Second Instrument
Learning a second instrument makes you a better team player and a better musician.It’s like…