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Drunk, Crazy, Request Guy On the DJ Gig and How Tips Really Work

He’s unavoidable.  Sometimes “he” is a “she”.  This is the person that requests a song from the DJ and if they don’t hear it right away they get upset.  Sometimes these people are mental and feel directly “dissed” if you don’t play their song.  Let me share a story with you.

So, I’m minding my own business, doing the DJ thing at a gig and a server comes up to me and points into the disco abyss saying that “that guy over there wants to hear (fill in blank)”.  I can’t see whom she’s pointing at and more importantly, if he wants to hear a song he needs to get up and ask for it in person.  It wasn’t a “no request” night so I had no problem playing a request.  Why didn’t I play what this unidentified, non-social stranger wanted? I didn’t have it.

As the night progresses I forget about the mysterious request guy.  People that are unseen and antisocial are easy to forget throughout the course of a night.  Angry that he didn’t hear what he wanted, the guy makes his presence known and says, “You…