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Be Judgmental

In my questionable youth, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be and whom I wanted to be there with.All of this concise self-discovery was based on one simple idea: be judgmental.It wasn’t until I stopped being judgmental that my life became a huge maze filled with ghetto trap doors that led to other ghetto trap doors and then another and another and so on.All of those past snap judgments and lightning speed assessments were not for naught.The problems and situations I find myself in now would be unfathomable were it not for my abandoning my personal credo.I seemed to let one truth cloud another in adhering to a firm belief that human personalities were like clay and could be shaped into beautiful things if set inside of the right hands.All the while forgetting that mud could be mistaken for clay at a glance.

The snap judgment of a bar skank saves you the future drama of a baby-mama gone ballistic.A likewise judgment of ex-friend turned junkie saves you the fut…