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The Non-Competition DJ Contract

When a person gets hired at a mobile DJ company said person is almost always asked to sign a non-competition DJ contract.  A non-competition DJ contract is pretty much what the title says.  When a new employee signs this contract they are agreeing not to compete with the company that just hired them for at least a year after leaving the job for any reason.  This contract protects the mobile DJ company from having people get hired, learn all of their tricks of the trade and then run off and start their own company around clients stolen from the mobile DJ company.  It's pretty simple and fair.

I post this because a friend was interested in getting a job at a mobile DJ company and didn't really understand the non-competition contract.  Somehow my friend made himself believe that he could not do any club DJ gigs if he signed this contract.  I assured him that he misunderstood the contract.  I started some of my early days as a DJ working for a mobile DJ company and being a DJ at c…

Numark Orbit DJ Controller in Principal and Practice

When I first starting receiving e-mails about the Numark Orbit MIDI controller, I figured it was just another entry-level DJ piece of crap tethered to some unusable, half-assed designed DJ software.  So what got my attention and made me look further into the product?  The words "Black Friday Sale" and "Wireless".  The aforementioned words sparked my interest, but what brought me closer to actually considering running out and getting an Orbit was the claim that it could be MIDI mapped to any MIDI controlled software (OK, and I kind of like the lights). 

Before even considering blogging about the NO MIDI controller (horrible abbreviation, right?), I felt I owed it to my DJ brothers and sisters to actually take the device out on a gig or two first.  My set-up was the Numark Orbit, Serato Scratch Live (with video plug-in), MacBook Pro, and the Korg KM-202 mixer.

On the first gig night, I mapped the Orbit to some basic Serato functions including a few controls on the v…