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A Black Man's KISS

When I heard recently that KISS was finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it was kind of a shoulder shrug moment.  It took so long for KISS to make the cut that any excitement about the induction that I might have had in the past has totally diminished in the present.  While some people argue that they don't deserve it, I think they totally deserve it for longevity alone (not to mention catchy songs that stick to you like flypaper).

My discovery of KISS came in the form of bubblegum cards and pinball machines while being a kid residing in a St. Louis ghetto in 1976.  It was a dramatic experience that sticks to my memory because my father made such a big deal out of me buying KISS bubblegum cards when I was seven years old with his money.  My father yelled at me and kept questioning why I bought the KISS bubblegum cards.  I had no real answer other than, "I don't know…they just look cool."  I was seven, black and had never heard KISS' music. …

DJ Leon Lamont • Halo Bar • 12.28.13