3 Ways to Discover New Music

In the days before being online was so popular, you had to know a cool older friend or weird uncle to discover new music that was off the beaten path of the radio.  In some cases, you had to literally leave the house and meet someone (if you were lucky) that would turn you on to some music you've never heard before.  Now you can just sit at home in your underwear and go online to make a few discoveries.  Below are three ways to discover new music.

1.  Shazam.  This one is for smartphone users.  Shazam is an app that uses your phone's built-in microphone to identify music being played.  You simply tap the app and wait for it to identify a song being played while you are in a bar, restaurant, department store or anywhere else.  We've all been walking someplace or watching TV and heard a song we liked but couldn't identify.  This is the perfect situation to use Shazam.  Shazam identifies the artist, song and album.  If the music is really underground Shazam isn't always able to identify it, but they do pretty well in most cases. 

2. Pandora.  So you heard this great new song and you identified it by using Shazam…now what?  Now you go to Pandora and you build a channel around the new artist you just discovered which will lead you to other similar artists. Sit back, relax and play judge as you give each track played the "thumbs up" or the "thumbs down" to get closer to adjusting the channel to your specific taste.

3. YouTube.  Most people only think of YouTube as a way to see videos of fails and movie clips, but YouTube can be just as efficient as Pandora for discovering new music.  Just the same as you created a new channel around your newly discovered track on Pandora, you can find similar artists on YouTube by simply putting the name of the artist in the YouTube search engine.  You'll find tracks by your artist and on the side bar you will see associated artists.

The above three things should keep you busy until the universe blesses you with someone cool that constantly turns you on to cool music.


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