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Leon Lamont - Memphis 2-17-14

On February 17, 2014, I suppose someone butt-dialed me and left an unintentional message on my voicemail that lasted almost three minutes long.  I didn't  recognize the number and my caller ID said the call was coming from Memphis, TN.  I don't even think I know anyone in Memphis, TN.  So I have this unusually long message from a stranger with what sounds like a party or family function going on in the background.  Instead of just being annoyed and deleting the voicemail…I decided to create an experimental track around this distorted family function.  That's the audio story. 

The video story is…I can't remember the date, but one day I was watching cable TV and the channels were all distorted for like 20 minutes.  I wasn't all that upset about it because I have plenty of books that I haven't finished reading.  After a while…I was inspired to get my video camera and record the ever failing Charter Communications in all of it's distorted, disappointing, overpriced glory.

Amazingly, the phone audio and Charter video match up pretty well (as experimental art anyway) without nary and edit from me.  I consider this piece to be what I call digital dumpster diving and creating art from the constant digital crap left on our virtual doorsteps under the guise of "good, quality service".  I didn't order 20 minutes of distortion on my TV or almost three minute of shucking and jiving on my phone…but I got it…and I paid for it…so it's my own to do as I please with.

- Leon Lamont


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