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Professional Musicians

If I could wish one thing for all of my talented musicians friends…it would be that, one day, they would be able to work with a truly professional musician at least once before they died.  Technically, anyone that is paid to do something is a professional.  So I guess what I really mean is that they would get to work with a good, organized, serious professional.  An ex-musician brought it to my attention recently that, during his stint as a musician, he never had a manager, a booking agent, been on tour, had a record deal or worked with anyone even remotely famous on stage.  In a drunken slur of words this ex-musician accused me of having taken these experiences for granted.  I tried in vain to assure him such was not the case.  I appreciate every word blurb, gig (in or out of town), praise, criticism, management, record deal, and every famous and infamous musician that allowed me to share the stage with them.  It's an honor, a treat and (as this ex-musician …