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DJ Offended

Recently, a few people mentioned to me that a local DJ was playing at a venue I used to DJ at, the owner said something to the DJ that the DJ found offensive, then said DJ stopped in the middle of his set and packed up and left.  When asked what I thought about the incident I responded, "Why should  I care?  You're either professional or you're not."  I'm a professional…someone hires me to do a job…I do it.  Anything that happens or that is said during the gig is just another story to share with other DJs after the gig.  It's a bar.  What are you doing working in a bar if you are easily offended?  I can't imagine  anything the owner said to be more offensive than the lyrics I hear in modern Hip-Hop music. Furthermore, the venue in question already has a horrible reputation with DJs, so the DJ should've been prepared for some level of ill repute  going into it.     

Have I ever packed up in the middle of my set and left?  Not really.  There was one ti…