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Algebraic Attitude Adjustment (Two Negatives Equal a Positive)

Five days ago, a friend tagged me on Facebook for a Positivity Challenge.  At first glance, I just scanned the paragraph and saw the word "challenge" and assumed it was the annoyingly viral Ice Bucket Challenge.  After responding so negatively to the word "challenge" I quickly realized that I was becoming like the dozens upon dozens of salty Facebook drones that I love to complain about.  The month of August was filled with funerals and personal disappointments unbound, so I readjusted my attitude about the Positivity Challenge and decided to give it a go.  
The Positivity Challenge basically works like this; you say three positive things for five days and each day you nominate three people in your Facebook friend list to do the same.  Coming up with three positive things to say each day wasn't the real challenge…the real challenge was getting people to participate.  The people that needed to participate the most and are the most miserable in life of course, d…