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Intro to Mixtape Ideas

What is Mixtape Ideas?
There are two types of people that listen to music; 1) people that want to religiously follow the programming hammered into their heads by commercial radio and 2) people that want to be turned on to something they've never heard before (new or old).  Mixtape Ideas is for the latter.
I decided to do a series of blogs to inspire mix tape production by readers.  Each week, I'll suggest an artist or act that I enjoy.  It's a digital version of being "turned on" …you know…when you sit and drink and smoke with someone and they lay some music on you.  Either you like it or you don't, but if you do…then that person has turned you on to that artist and that will hopefully lead you to other new artists thus expanding your musical library and vocabulary.  The blog isn't about new music, it's about "new to you" music.  
Where did the idea for this blog series come from?
I used to do a DJ residency that had two parts to the night.…