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DJ Leon Lamont - Halo Bar Xmas night, 2015***CANCELED

DJ Leon Lamont 12.18.

The Artist Resume'

Monster GODJ

30 Seconds of Funk 3

30 Seconds of Funk 2

Leon Lamont featuring Retro Champ - Purge Night

30 Seconds of Funk #1

To Remix, or Not To Remix?

DJ Leon Lamont (feat. Gangsta Bert) - "Pigeon In the Hills"

Death of a Saxophone Player

James Bigbooty - The Space Between Your Cheeks

Musicians Dating Musicians

Leon Lamont - Old Man Music

25 Cent Hack for Mounting a Zoom H1 to a Sunpak 1000AVG/ Replace Your Friends With Robots.

Band Leader

DJ Leon Lamont - DNB Sex Tape

DJ Leon Lamont - North City Farmer's Market - June 13, 2015


Meanwhile, in New Zealand...

Cinema at Citygarden

Unknown Artist - Naked Love Song

DJ Leon Lamont - Utopia Studios

How We Become Musicians

Magic with Medea

Num Num Nah Records

What was the number one song in America on Your Birthday?

Num Num Nah Records

How the Fantastic Four Saved Me From a Bully

Ferguson Fried Rice by Leon Lamont

Lead the Band