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DJ Leon Lamont - Halo Bar Xmas night, 2015***CANCELED

DJ Leon Lamont 12.18.

The Artist Resume'

Monster GODJ

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30 Seconds of Funk 2

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DJ Leon Lamont (feat. Gangsta Bert) - "Pigeon In the Hills"

Death of a Saxophone Player

James Bigbooty - The Space Between Your Cheeks

Musicians Dating Musicians

25 Cent Hack for Mounting a Zoom H1 to a Sunpak 1000AVG/ Replace Your Friends With Robots.

Band Leader

DJ Leon Lamont - DNB Sex Tape

DJ Leon Lamont - North City Farmer's Market - June 13, 2015


Meanwhile, in New Zealand...

Cinema at Citygarden

DJ Leon Lamont - Utopia Studios

How We Become Musicians

What was the number one song in America on Your Birthday?

Num Num Nah Records

How the Fantastic Four Saved Me From a Bully

Ferguson Fried Rice by Leon Lamont

Lead the Band