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Lead the Band

Most people think being in a band is a democracy when it comes to leadership. During songwriting, democracy is the way to go… but as far as leading the band, someone has to step up and be the leader.  When there are two strong identities in the band there will probably be conflict and argument as to whom should be the leader.  Fight it out and let a dispute happen.  That democracy that you wanted so badly should come in handy at that point.  "We all make decisions together and nobody is really the leader" is cute on a playground, but in a band it's just silly and informs the world that you're not that serious about your band.  Pay attention to the people that say the aforementioned statement and what level of success they've actually achieved…if any.  
It might help to think of your band as a business (ooh, there's a novel idea).  When you go to your job, there is someone there that can fire you or hire other people.  You need the same such person in your ba…