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Ferguson Fried Rice by Leon Lamont

Yes, that's right.  It's safe for all of you American, racist a**holes to come back to my humble Chop Suey in Ferguson.  "Hello?  Yes, this is Ferguson Fried Rice, how may I help you?"  Stupid racist pricks.  I'm not Chinese, I'm f**king Korean!  But you don't care do you?  Especially you black Americans…everybody is fucking Chinese to you…even the Mexicans.  Nobody asked me how I felt about racism when the riots happened.  No sir ree Bob.  Just "make us some rice, Mr. Chinaman".  News people came into my place and it was like I was invisible and didn't have a voice or opinion about what was going on in Ferguson.  Who knows racism better than me?  I deal with it every stinking day.  Imagine if you were a black man and you ran a Mexican food place…not because you are Mexican, but because all of the racist people around you THINK you are Mexican and will buy your food because of it.  You could correct them or you can make money.  Personally, …