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How the Fantastic Four Saved Me From a Bully

When I was a kid living in the ghetto, between the ages of zero and eight years,  it seemed like we had bullies everywhere.  It felt like I was living next door to the Bullies Union Hall or something.  One of the main bullies on my block was a kid we'll call Robert Jerome Frankenstein.  Of course, that's not his real name. To make things go faster, we'll just call him "Jerome"  (also not his real name).  
Jerome was almost like a mythical creature or magician.  No matter how well you looked out for him and thought the coast was clear, you would start walking and he would seem to appear out of thin air to terrorize you and your friends.  I mean, you could do a full 360 on a football field and see nothing.  The minute you start walking in a straight line…here comes Jerome and his boys totally undetected.  Incredible.  
One day, I was walking home from school and reading a Fantastic Four comic book.  The street seemed suspiciously empty as I was walking and sure as…