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How We Become Musicians

A stranger, making conversation at a bar, whom was a self-described non-creative type asked, "How do you guys become musicians?  I mean, how do you even know you're a musician and how does it start?"  These questions will produce a variety of answers from various individuals, but there are basically just two answers; 1) by being inspired (usually by seeing a musician perform on said instrument) or 2) as the result of a calculated guess by others around the musician (whom are usually music educators).

While I presented the answer to the question as an "either or " answer, I actually became a musician by both methods.  I became a drummer by hearing one of my uncles play a set of drums when I was a little kid and becoming madly in love with the sound of drums and obsessed with the idea of becoming a drummer.  I became a bass player as a result of taking the initiative to correct a miscalculation made in my grade school years that incorrectly labeled me as a violi…