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Band Leader

Band Leader

Whenever I try to lead a band, there is always that one member that considers themselves to be a better leader than myself.  They'll say something colorful like, "Why should we listen to and follow you?"  And I'll say something arrogant like, "Because my failures are bigger than your successes."  

I don't consider myself to be a "success" (whatever that means).  I consider myself to be a creative person that tries things very loudly and very proudly.  "I love this.  Hmm, nobody else loved it.  Back to the lab."  There's that burden of your art that you love so much not being considered good unless a lot of other people love it too.  That conflict starts first…in a band.

Being a band leader is all sacrifice and compromise.  It's always a situation of "what you want versus what you can get".  Sometimes there is big talent with no personality and then big personality with no talent.  There's the talented…