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Musicians Dating Musicians

When asked if I thought musicians should date other musicians, I had to start with a disclaimer.  I'm not all musicians, so I can't speak for a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and intelligence levels.  That being said, I can only talk about my own experience dating other musicians.  For the most part, I didn't really see any huge benefit or difference in dating a musician or a non-musician.  In some cases I would even say it made the dating situation worse.

My first girlfriend, when I was in my early teens, was a musician.  It wasn't plotted or planned, it just happened that way.  When you're a teenager in school, and both you and your girlfriend are musicians, you get to see each other throughout the school day more often than you usually would as non-musicians.  From the outside of the relationship looking in, it might have seemed like a bit of overkill.  My first girlfriend lived down the street from me, we rode the bus to school together, we …