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To Remix, or Not To Remix?

It was 2005, and while reading one of the various music magazines I had piled in a corner, I came across a promotional interview with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.  As a promotional gimmick for his then new release, "With Teeth", on Interscope Records, he invited any and all to remix his new single, "The Hand That Feeds".  Reznor gave an url where a person could find the individually separated tracks for download along with the track's BPM.

What compelled me to go to Reznor's site and download the track elements was how convenient Reznor had made it for people to remix his track.  Out of boredom, I downloaded the tracks one night and threw the elements into Garageband to do a quick House remix.  I just did it for fun.  If I were doing a serious remix, I doubt I would've used Garageband.  After remixing the track, I acquired the video and chopped it in video editing software to match my audio remix and uploaded it to YouTube.

My remix was quickly done…